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Episode 02 - El Grito Taqueria | Matthew Danky

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Ep. 02 / Fitchburg, Wisc.

Adam makes a quick trip south to the rural Madison farm of guest Matt Danky, owner and proprietor of El Grito Taqueria. Since 2015, El Grito has brought gourmet tacos to Madison's unique storefronts, street corners, block parties, and small music festivals. Framing this discussion with his garden in the background, Sandhill Cranes flying overhead, and the subtle rustling of a 400-year-old Burr Oak leaves. They discuss his early foundation in the food industry at renowned restaurant L'Etoile, extensive travels thru Asia and South America, sources of inspiration, pandemic pivots, and plans for a new space in Cooksville, Wisconsin.

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