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4 March 2022 • Podcast Episode

Full circle, Adam and Scott retrace their steps to the top of a bluff in Wisconsin and set up where it all began. In this season recap, the two share their thoughts on the show, their guests, and how good it feels to bring a project to life.

30 November 2021 • Podcast Episode

Our final guest of Season One! Adam rounds out the inaugural season in style with illustrator, muralist, maker Emily Balsley aka @emilybluestar on Instagram.

Collaborate Forever: Episode 06 - Emily Balsley | Illustrator & Muralist

Collaborate Forever sets up on the Wisconsin State Capital Building lawn to talk with chef and politician Francesca Hong. 

Collaborate Forever drops by the Good Style Shop in the heart of Madison's isthmus. Adam speaks with owner and vintage clothing proprietor Pete Benck.

Collaborate Forever makes a quick trip south to the rural Madison farm of guest Matt Danky, owner and proprietor of El Grito Taqueria.

This show was a proof of concept. Wanting to see how far the hosts could push the limits of recording high-quality audio in the outdoors.


About Us

Collaborate Forever

Meet Adam Senatori and J. Scott Kunkel, two Madison-based professional creatives on a mission to connect and inspire an industry in constant flux. They’ve been in the game long enough to know that nothing that lasts is accomplished alone, and openness to collaboration is the greatest tool a freelancer can have.


On their new podcast Collaborate Forever, Adam and Scott go deep with dreamers, entrepreneurs, and movement makers from Madison and beyond, bringing listeners a trove of invaluable perspectives on everything from struggle to success.

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